An Innovative Approach to Ancillary Services Benchmarking with Peer-to-Peer Comparisons

At Compara, we're developing new quality dashboards to identify best practices for Ancillary Services and Peer-to-Peer comparisons, and that requires data. That's why we are looking for multiple hospital partners to join our pilot program.

The Ancillary Services we are measuring in this pilot program include:

Swing Bed
Care Transitions
  • Look at process and outcome measures
  • Prepare for survey and build team engagement in quality improvement activities
  • Create national standards
  • Benchmarking for outcomes in non-reported service lines
  • Identify best practices and compare with peers

A word from Angie Charlet

Vice President, Training & Development


Why is this pilot important?
And why do we need your help?

Dr. Angie Charlet answers these questions (and others you might have) in this short video

The benefits of joining our pilot program:

  • Join an exclusive pilot program that's on the cutting edge of hospital benchmarking
  • Meet the conditions of participation expectations for QAPI
  • Engage with other healthcare providers for peer-to-peer networking and sharing
  • Quarterly Zoom meeting with peers for the latest news and updates
  • Get the tools and resources you need to improve outcomes everyday

A sneak peek at our new dashboard

With this new dashboard, you can view outcome measures, create national standards, prepare for surveys, and engage your team in quality improvement activities. You can also review benchmarks for outcomes in non-reported service lines, identify best practices, and create peer comparisons.


I'd like to sign up for your pilot program and help set new national benchmarks.

Please send me all the details & submission forms