Get into Concise

Recently, we have been helping a few CAHs in quality review and QAPI implementation using an Excel tool. But our team at Canopy thought there was a better way to do it, and so we developed an interactive, robust cloud-based tool for internal quality improvement. We call it Concise by Canopy.

This tool includes measures by various departments creating a ‘pool’ of ideas to both pull from and create a national database for benchmarking. It builds your CAH QAPI program reports along with your annual quality review while at the same time creating a databank of quality indicators (for all departments) with benchmarking from other CAHs.

Join Our Pilot Program

We are looking for some states/CAHs to participate in the development by providing both knowledge as subject matter experts along with design features that meet the needs of quality directors in their internal reporting.

Cost is $1,000 per CAH or $10,000 per State (10 CAHs)

We are a firm believer that CAHs should have a little bit of skin in the game to support the work. We also want to meet a specific need and challenge for each of them for giving up time, knowledge and participation – maybe offer scholarships to participate?

Our Goal

We would like to find 50 CAHs nationwide to participate in using the tool (either 5 CAHs from 10 states or 10 CAHs from 5 states). These 50 will be broken out into 5 collaboratives: Reporting, tracking, ancillary, nursing, clinics and annual review

  • Each collaborative creates a best tool in their area to share with the entire pilot of CAHs
  • May consider a few additional collaboratives or break some of them down further to create an enhanced view of the performance needs of the tool
  • Monthly participation; quarterly pilot group participation;
  • Help in establishing goals and timelines with state Flex Coordinators for inclusion of project

Next Steps

We are asking Flex Coordinators (and our pilot CAHs/RHCs) to help with future development and white papers for FORHP/TASC as innovative models. We will have access to research, as Dr. Angie Charlet is adjunct professor at one of the Universities, and students are always needing a project (this is an added bonus). Also, we could potentially create ‘state’ specific views on the end dashboard to allow Flex Coordinators to have an idea of what is happening in their state and provides more data to the VBP or Shared Savings in future work.